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Picturegoer Film Postcard Collection

Picturegoer film postcards collection is for sale. There are 21 black and white vintage Picturegoer postcards include British and Hollywood actors and actresses from the 1930’s and 1940’s, and a vintage postcard of a young Jackie Coogan. There are some very collectable Picturegoer postcards that includes Audie Murphy, George Formby, John Mills, Richard Attenborough, Richard Todd, Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O’Hara as Tarzan and Jane, and Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan

The Picturegoer postcards included in this collection are

Audie Murphy Picturegoer Postcard D115

George Formby Picturegoer Postcard 1061

Freddie Bartholomew Picturegoer Postcard 920a

Freddie Bartholomew Picturegoer Postcard 920b

Russell Hayden Picturegoer Postcard W480

Lawrence Gray Picturegoer Postcard 277a

David Rollins Picturegoer Postcard 443

Charles Starrett Picturegoer Postcard 811

Richard Cromwell Picturegoer Postcard 955

Jackie Coogan black and white Postcard

Jean Kent Picturegoer Postcard

Pat Crowley Picturegoer Postcard D426

John Mills Picturegoer Postcard W443

Jimmy Hanley Picturegoer Postcard W455

Richard Attenborough Picturegoer Postcard W475

Jean Simmons Picturegoer Postcard W720

Richard Murdoch Picturegoer Postcard W744

Lizabeth Scott Picturegoer Postcard No W808

Jane Powell Picturegoer Postcard W838

Richard Todd Picturegoer Postcard No W940

Johnny Weissmuller & Maureen O'Sullivan Picturegoer Postcard No 680A

Johnny Weissmuller Picturegoer Postcard No 864

This is a rare collection of Picturegoer and other film postcards with the overall condition being Very Good.

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Price:   £75.00

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Picturegoer Film Postcards Collection

Film Star Postcards Collection

Film Star Postcard Collection