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Film Star Postcards

Collection of 24

Picturegoer Postcards,

J. Beagles Postcards &

Lasky Postcards

Film Star Postcards Collection of 24 Vintage Picturegoer, J. Beagles and Lasky Postcards

Film star postcards collection from the Golden Age of Hollywood is for sale. This collection of 24 film star Picturegoer postcards, J. Beagles postcards, and Lasky postcards. The vintage film star postcards collection includes Greta Garbo postcard, James Stewart postcard, June Allyson postcard, Clark Gable postcard, Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan postcard, Roy Rogers and Trigger postcard, George “Gabby” Hayes postcard, Jimmy Durante postcard, Sabu postcard, Doris Day postcard, Danny Kaye postcard, James Cagney postcard, Mickey Rooney postcard, Errol Flynn postcard, Petula Clarke postcard, David Niven postcard, Stewart Granger postcard, Betty Grable postcard, Ava Gardner postcard, Margaret Lockwood postcard, Gregory Peck postcard, James Mason postcard, and Wallace Reid postcards.

View these film star postcards and details below by clicking on the links:

Greta Garbo Picturegoer Postcard 639a

James Stewart Picturegoer Postcard W998

June Allyson Picturegoer Postcard W444

Clark Gable Picturegoer Postcard W218

Johnny Weissmuller Picturegoer Postcard W370

Roy Rogers & Trigger Picturegoer Postcard W476

George "Gabby" Hayes Picturegoer Postcard W597

Jimmy Durante Picturegoer Postcard W642

Sabu Picturegoer Postcard W699

Doris Day Picturegoer Postcard W710

Danny Kaye Picturegoer Postcard W721

James Cagney Picturegoer Postcard W793

Mickey Rooney Picturegoer Postcard W842

Errol Flynn Picturegoer Postcard W910

Petula Clarke Picturegoer Postcard W905

David Niven Picturegoer Postcard W932

Stewart Granger Picturegoer Postcard W545

Betty Grable Picturegoer Postcard W527

Ava Gardner Picturegoer Postcard D77

Margaret Lockwood Picturegoer Postcard W434

Gregory Peck Picturegoer Postcard W263

James Mason Picturegoer Postcard W281

Wallace Reid J Beagles & Co

Wallace Reid Lasky Postcard

Condition of the vintage film star postcards is overall Very Good.

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Price:   £80.00

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Film Stars Postcards

Picturegoer Film Postcards Collection

Film Star Postcards Collection

Film Star Postcard Collection