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Film Star Postcards

in Original Vintage

Picturegoer Postcard Album

Film Star Postcards Collection Over 60 Postcards In Original Vintage Picturegoer Postcard Album

Film stars postcards collection of 65 black and white vintage postcards is for sale. This film postcards collection includes early Picturegoer postcards as well as those from other makers such as J. Beagles Famous Cinema Star Series Postcards, Pictures Portrait Gallery Postcards and Lilywhite Cinema Star Postcards. The vintage film postcards include Agnes Ayres postcards, Barbara Stanwyck Picturegoer postcard, Betty Balfour signed postcard, Betty Balfour postcard in costume from the Squibs film, Carmel Myers Picturegoer postcard, Clive Brook Picturegoer postcards, Elmo Lincoln Picturegoer postcard, Emil Jennings Picturegoer postcard, Flora Le Breton signed postcard, Jack Pickford postcard, Mary Pickford postcard, Jane and Eva Novak postcard, John Barrymore Picturegoer postcard, Mary Astor postcard, and many more vintage film postcards that can be seen below by clicking the links.

These vintage film stars postcards date from circa the 1920’s in the days of the silent films and early film talkies. 

These rare postcards include signed postcards and unsigned postcards, and are housed in this very rare vintage Picturegoer postcard album from the period that is entitled ‘Postcards My Film Favourites’.  This Picturegoer postcard album is made of cardboard and is decorated in blue, green and gilt to the front in an Art Nouveau style.

The inside to the front cover of the album bears the Picturegoer postcard prices for postcards and the Member’s Registered Number of 494.  To the bottom of the front cover is a small label that reads: “British Made to Hold 300 Cards”.

The first postcard in this album is the membership postcard for the Picturegoer Postcard Club, containing the original owner’s name, address and membership number 494.

This very rare Picturegoer postcard album from the 1920’s is in Very Good condition with slight knocks to the front but still extremely sturdy, attractive and useable.

The Postcards include the early Picturegoer series, the Beagles Famous Cinema Star series, Pictures Portrait Gallery series, plain backs, and other promotional postcards and are in overall Very Good condition.

The film star postcards include:

Agnes Ayres Famous Cinema Star series 185 O

Agnes Ayres Picturegoer Postcard No. 175

Aileen Pringle Picturegoer Postcard No. 218

Alice Lake Picturegoer Postcard No. 183

Anna Q. Nilsson Picturegoer Postcard No. 175

Antonio Moreno Picturegoer Postcard

Barbara Le Mair Picturegoer Postcard No. 185

Barbara Stanwyck Picturegoer Postcard No. 492a

Bebe Daniels Picturegoer Postcard 119b,

Miss Betty Balfour Postcard Signed

Pola Negri Picturegoer Postcard 124

Miss Betty Balfour in "Squibs" Welsh-Pearson Film Distributed by Jays Postcard

Betty Compson Picturegoer Postcard No. 98

Carmel Myers Picturegoer Postcard No. 187a

Charles Farrell Picturegoer Postcard No 332

Clive Brook Picturegoer Postcard No 48

Clive Brook Picturegoer Postcard No 48b

Constance Bennett Plain Back Postcard

Creighton Hale Picturegoer Postcard No 275

Dolores Costello Picturegoer Postcard No 262a

Elinor Fair Picturegoer Postcard No 311

Elmo Lincoln Picturegoer Postcard No 139

Emil Jennings Picturegoer Postcard No 308

Eugene O’Brien Picturegoer Postcard

Miss Flora Le Breton Sepia Signed Postcard,

Greta Nissen Picturegoer Postcard No 264a

Guy Newall Picturegoer Postcard No 55

Henry Edwards Postcard

Huntly Gordon Picturegoer Postcard No 211

Ivy Duke George Clark Production Signed Postcard

Jack Pickford Pictures Portrait Gallery Postcard 157

Jane and Eva Novak Picturegoer Postcard No 143

Janet Gaynor Plain Back Postcard

Jeanette MacDonald Plain Back Postcard

Jetta Goudal Picturegoer Postcard No 273a

John Barrymore Picturegoer Postcard No 125b

Laura le Plante Picturegoer Postcard No 210b

Louise Fazenda Picturegoer Postcard No 367

Mae Murray Postcard

Mahlon Hamilton Beagles Postcard 203A

Maria Corda Picturegoer Postcard No 347

Marie Prevost Picturegoer Postcard No 100

Marion Davies Picturegoer Postcard No 113A

Mary Astor  Picturegoer Postcard 240a,

Mary Odette Postcard

Mary Pickford Postcard,

Mildred Davies Picturegoer Postcard No 94a

Monte Blue Picturegoer Postcard

Nazimova Picturegoer Postcard No 203

Olga Petrova Signed Postcard

Patsy Ruth Miller Picturegoer Postcard No 173

Pola Negri Picturegoer Postcard No 124

Ralph Forbes Picturegoer Postcard No 290

Ramon Navarro Picturegoer Postcard No 58

Ramon Navarro Plain Back Postcard

Ramon Navarro Picturegoer Postcard No 230

Reginald Denny Picturegoer Postcard No 74a

Reginald Denny Picturegoer Postcard No 74b

Richard Barthelmess Picturegoer Postcard No 127a

Robert Montgomery plain back postcard.

Ronald Coleman Picturegoer Postcard No 202

Tom Moore Beagles Colourised Postcard No 118B

Vilma Banky Picturegoer Postcard No 272

Violet Hopson Lilywhite Postcard No CM159

Violet Hopson Lilywhite Postcard No CM163 Signed Postcard

William Boyd Picturegoer Postcard No 276a

All the film star picture postcards may be viewed in the slide show below.

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Film Stars Postcards

Picturegoer Film Postcards Collection

Film Star Postcards Collection

Film Star Postcard Collection