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Louis Wain

Jockeys Weighing-In

Cats Postcard

Used Postcard

circa 1905

Louis Wain Cats Postcard Jockeys Weighing-In Used Postcard circa 1905

Vintage Louis Wain cats postcard for sale. The Louis Wain cats postcard features to the front of the postcard Louis Wain cats as jockeys weighing-in before a horse race. This scarce vintage Louis Wain cats postcard is embossed. The Louis Wain cats back of the postcard bears a Belgium green 1 cent stamp that reads: Belgique Postes Belgie Posterijen with the Belgium coat of arms to the centre of the stamp.  The back of the Louis Wain postcard is undivided.

This Louis Wain postcard is in Very Good condition.

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Price:   £55.00

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