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Film Postcards

Vintage Collection

in Period Postcard Album

circa 1920’s

Vintage Film Postcard Collection in Period Postcard Album Over 50 Film Postcards

Postcard album containing 55 vintage film star postcards is for sale. This rare vintage 1920’s postcard album contains 55 vintage black and white and colourised postcards of British and Hollywood silent movie stars from the early days of movie making. This collection of film postcards includes Billie Burke postcards, Alice Terry Picturegoer postcard, Flora Le Bretton signed postcard, Gloria Swanson postcard, James Kirkwood postcard, Marlene Dietrich postcard, Norma Talmadge postcards, Pauline Frederick signed postcard. Ruth Roland postcards, Stewart Rome signed postcards, and many other vintage postcards.

Ruth Roland (1892-1937) was an American silent film star and one of the first Hollywood starlets. Ruth Roland’s first film was The Scarlet Letter in 1908.  The Ruth Roland vintage black and white postcards contained within this postcard album include

The Talmadge sisters postcards contains real photo postcards of all three of the American Talmadge sisters namely Norma Talmadge, Natalie Talmadge and Constance Talmadge.  Norma Talmadge (1893-1957) was the oldest sister followed by Natalie Talmadge (1896-1969) and then followed by Constance Talmadge (1898-1973). The Talmadge postcards include

The early silent film actors postcards include:

Alice Terry Picturegoer Postcard 111

Alla Nazimova Pictures Portrait Gallery Postcard 103

Anna Mae Wong J. Beagles No 221N costume from the Thief of Bagdad

Bessie Love Cinema Favourites Postcard series 102

Billie Burke sepia toned plain back postcard

Billie Burke sepia toned plain back Postcard

Charles Ray Postcard

Claire Windsor Picturegoer postcard No 47a

Constance Talmadge Picturegoer Postcard 17

Conway Tearle Picturegoer Postcard series with no number

Creighton Hale by Pathe Freres Cinema Ltd Series

Erich von Stroheim Postcard

Fannie Ward Signed Postcard Photograph dated 1927

Flora Le Breton Publicity with Facsimile Signature and also Signed by Flora Le Breton

Florence Turner Photo by Elwin Neame "The Turner Films Ltd" Postcard

Florence Vidor Picturegoer Postcard 172b

Geraldine Farrar Pictures Portrait Gallery Postcard 9/187

Gloria Swanson Pictures Portrait Gallery Postcard 166

James Kirkwood in "Man-Woman-Marriage" by First National Pictures, printed to the back

Jobyna Ralston Postcard

John Boles Plain Back Postcard

Joseph Schildkraut Picturegoer Postcard 150a

Lewis Stone Picturegoer Postcard with no number

Louise Lovely Picturegoer Postcard series with no number

Lupe Velez Picturegoer Postcard 356

Lya de Putti Postcard

Marlene Dietrich Plain Back Postcard

Mary Miles Minter Postcard

Matheson Lang Picturegoer Postcard 64

Maurice Chevalier Plain Back Postcard

Milton Sills Postcard

Mrs Vernon Castle Pathe Freres Cinema Ltd Series Postcard

Natalie Talmadge Pictures Portrait Gallery 10/201

Nigel Barrie Signed Postcard with the signature in the dark portion

Norma Talmadge and Constance Talmadge Portrait Gallery Postcard 159

Norma Talmadge Picturegoer Postcard 101

Norma Talmadge Picturegoer Postcard 145

Norma Talmadge Picturegoer Postcard 145a

Norma Talmadge Colourised Pictures Portrait Gallery Postcard A9

Olive Thomas Selznick Cinema Chat series Postcard

Pauline Frederick Signed Black and White Postcard

Ralph Graves Pictures Portrait Gallery Postcard 11/216

Ramon Navarro Plain back postcard

Ruth Roland Lilywhite Postcard C.M.436E

Ruth Roland J Beagles Postcard 137B

Ruth Roland Pathe Freres Cinema Ltd Postcard

Ruth Roland Picturegoer Postcard 45

Ruth Roland Picturegoer 45a

Ruth Roland Pictures Portrait Gallery Postcard 10/200

Ruth Roland Publicity Photo with facsimile signature and printed message to the back

Stewart Rome Signed Postcard

Stewart Rome Signed Postcard

Thomas Meighan Pictures Portrait Gallery 136

Victor Varconi Picturegoer Postcard 338

Wallace Reid Pictures Portrait Gallery Postcard No 145

The postcards are in overall Very Good condition with minor faults to some of the postcards such as minor creasing and slight foxing.  But, these vintage film postcards are approaching 100 years of age and are rare and in very collectable condition.  The original cardboard postcard album is also in Very Good condition with corner knocks and signs of old light staining.

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Film Stars Postcards

Picturegoer Film Postcards Collection

Film Star Postcards Collection

Film Star Postcard Collection