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Collection of Picturegoer film postcards is for sale. There are 21 black and white vintage Picturegoer postcards include British and Hollywood actors and actresses from the 1930’s and 1940’s, and a vintage postcard of a young Jackie Coogan. This is a rare collection of Picturegoer and other film postcards with the overall condition being Very Good, with creasing to the Jean Simmons.

Just £75.00

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Collection of 21 Picturegoer Film Postcards

Audie Murphy Picturegoer PostcardCharles Starrett Picturegoer PostcardDavid Rollins Picturegoer PostcardFreddie Bartholomew Picturegoer PostcardFreddie Bartholomew Picturegoer PostcardGeorge Formby Picturegoer PostcardJackie Coogan Picturegoer PostcardJane Powell Picturegoer PostcardJean Kentl Picturegoer PostcardJean Simmons Picturegoer PostcardJimmy Hanley Picturegoer PostcardJohn Mills Picturegoer PostcardLawrence Gray Picturegoer PostcardJohnny Weismuller and Maureen O'Sullivan Tarzan Picturegoer PostcardJohnny Weismuller as Tarzan Picturegoer PostcardLizabeth Scott  Picturegoer PostcardPat Crowley Picturegoer PostcardRichard Attenborough Picturegoer PostcardRichard Cromwell Picturegoer PostcardRichard Murdochll Picturegoer PostcardRichard Todd Picturegoer PostcardRussell Hayden Picturegoer Postcard