Louis Wain Vintage Cat Postcards

Rare vintage Louis Wain cats postcards for sale include Hockey 1904, Grace 1904, Jockeys Weighing-In circa 1905, Lunch At The Races 1905, I Wish I Were Home circa 1905, I Had A Lovely Time 1905, The Champion Skipper 1905, The Worried Look of the Married Woman 1907, To-morrow Will Be Friday We’ve Caught Rheumatism To-day circa 1907, The Morning Dip 1907, A Spill 1907, Two Louis Wain Cats Pulling a Cracker Christmas Card circa 1905, Large Persian Cat Louis Wain First World War Christmas Card 1917, and a rare Louis Wain Wall Calendar for 1934.

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Louis Wain Cats Postcard GraceLouis Wain Cats Postcard Hockey 1904Louis Wain Cats Postcard ‘Jockeys Weighing In’ circa 1905Louis Wain Cats Postcard ‘Lunch at the Races’ 1905Louis Wain Cats Postcard ‘I Wish I Were Home’ circa 1905Louis Wain Cats Postcard ‘I Had a lovely Time’ 1905Louis Wain Cats Postcard ‘The Champion Skipper’ 1905Louis Wain Cats Postcard ‘The Worried Look of a Married Woman’ 1907Vintage Louis Wain Cats Postcard ‘To-morrow Will Be Friday’ circa 1907Vintage Louis Wain Cats Postcard ‘The Morning Dip’ 1907 Vintage Louis Wain Cats Postcard ‘A Spill’ 1907Vintage Louis Wain Christmas Card of Two Louis Wain Cats Pulling a Cracker circa 1905Vintage Louis Wain Cat Christmas Card 1917


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